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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Interview with Asbury CEO; Political Season Advertising Tips; Dealer Shoots Car Thief

Interview with Asbury CEO; Political Season Advertising Tips; Dealer Shoots Car Thief

Dealer Sales & Marketing Update 

Editor's Picks


Benefits Build Relationships

TJ Wisner

Research tells us that sales people, in general, cannot describe the difference between their products' or services' (F&B's) features and benefits. For that matter, most companies and many marketing "experts" often fail to properly delineate the key differences between features and benefits.  Click here to read more. 

Ford, Be Fair to Your Mercury Dealers

Cliff Banks

Ford Motor Co. and its President CEO Alan Mulally are today's feel good story basking in the warm glow of what has been a good run the last couple of years. And yes, it is deserved. Mulally and company have done a remarkable job guiding Ford through the recent recession to profitability while hitting some homeruns with newly launched products. But -- there is a but -- Ford seems to be getting a free pass on the Mercury story. Click here to read the full blog.

Where the Money Is

Jim Ziegler

According to American folklore: in 1928, when legendary bank-robber, Willie Sutton, was released from prison a reporter asked him why he robbed banks. Willie smiled and said, "Because that's where the money is. In the rapidly transforming world of sales and marketing why would an automobile dealership want to be involved in the new "Social Mediums?" Click Here to read the full blog post

Automated Love Kills the Relationship

TJ Wisner

Professional speakers and trainers tend to spend many hours using free Wi-Fi in sandwich and coffee shops. We meet clients, write, read, and maybe most importantly, watch the interesting interactions of the people who cross our paths. One such day at the local Panera Bread, three young ladies took the table next to me and began to rave about the "awesome" white sports car one of them had recently purchased. Not only was she a proud new owner of her "first new car" but her friends were obviously envious of her new wheels as well. Click here to read more. 

Daily Affirmation

  "I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn't learn something from him." 

    --Galileo Galilei

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