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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pilot Dealer Offer: Approved dealers who ...

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Pilot Dealer Offer: Approved dealers who are willing to actively participate in our Extended Beta testing will be rewarded with the free use of our new premium dealer specific live chat software. Beta test dealers may also qualify for free 24/7 Staffed Back-Up support. All we ask in return is the dealers active participation and feedback to help us make our software #1. We think we have already developed excellent software, but we will let the dealers feedback help us put the final tweaks on it before we complete our Beta and officially launch. Use link to access...
CarChat24 Announces Free Premium Dealer Chat Software and Back-Up Support for BETA Testers! - Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community
  CarChat24 is going to have an Extended Beta with approved volunteer Beta test dealers to make sure our final version after Beta will be exactly the way our c…
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